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Continuous Payments Authority

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We want you to provide you with as much flexibility in your payment methods we offer our Customers.  Therefore, we use what is known as a continuous payments agreement (CPA).  These terms and conditions are part of the general Service Support Agreement terms and conditions that governs the general management of our agreement with you as our Customer.

  1. Introduction:
    • In order to achieve this is using an automated process to collect payments directly from your credit or debit card over regular payment periods agreed with you. A CPA can be used for various purposes, such as paying for subscriptions, memberships, loans, or bills. The method we us falls under what is known as a continuous payments agreement (CPA) is a type of recurring payment that allows a business to take money from a customer’s bank account or card on a regular basis. A CPA is different from a direct debit or a standing order, as the business has more control over the amount and frequency of the payments.
    • The Company issuing the CPA to you is M4siz limited, registered in England number 06245416, 55 Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex, England, CM14 4BD of owner of the trading brand name
    • The CPA will allow you to ensure continuity of the services we provide without asking you to renew each month that adds to the time managing our relationship with you. As such we use a global provider for our service Worldpay as our payment service provider (PSP) that processes the payments you make.
  2. Payment details:
    • When you sign a CPA with us you will be able to specify the amount, frequency, and duration of the payments, as well as the date and time of each payment. Depending on the agreement you have with us you will be to make payments payments are fixed or variable.
    • If we change the collection frequency or the amounts to be collected, we will be communicate these changes to you in advance of the payment being taken. Payments will be taken in the currency you originally signed up to when you entered into the agreement with us.
    • Any invoice or payment collection notification we issue will advise of the currency and the exchange rate (where possible or applicable) for these payments.
  3. Cancellation and refund policy:
    • You can cancel or amend the CPA at any time, either by contacting the merchant M4siz Limited through the information below or your card issuer.
    • Our Refund Policy will provide details of the circumstances under which you are entitled to a full or partial refund of any payments made under the CPA, and how to request a refund.
  4. Disputes and complaints:
    • Should you be dissatisfied with the service provided by the CPS, the Provider or the PSP you may institute a complaint with the Company as Provider. The Company as Provider make available two levels of internal complaint review, where necessary consulting with the PSP to provide transparency with the review of any complaint received.
    • Level one means the first stage in our complaints handling procedure under which your Complaint will be handled by a Complaint Handler within the Client Relationship Office and Level 2 section means the second stage in our complaints handling procedure under which you may appeal the outcome of a Level One Complaint that will be reviewed by a senior manager of the Company as the Appeal Handler who will escalate the investigate, where necessary with the PSP.
    • At the end of the Complaint review process the complainant will receive a report on the review and its conclusions.
    • Should the complainant consider that the Complaint has been fairly reviewed and evaluated they may seek external review through the PSP or Chartered Institute of Arbitrators as detailed in the Complaints Policy
  5. Privacy and security:
    • Company as Merchant for the PSP will protect your personal and financial data, under the UK legislative umbrella. In addition, your provider has signed up for the SaferPayment Scheme alongside the PSP to product your detail in transactions such that they remain compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, known as PCI DSS, which is a set of requirements that explain how to protect you and your customers data when taking payments. It is an industry standard detailed in ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.
    • Both the Provider as Merchant and PSP are involved in managing your data and the measures they will take to prevent fraud or unauthorized transactions.
    • PCI DSS compliance involves three main components:
      • Handling the ingress of credit card data from customers; namely, that sensitive card details are collected and transmitted securely
      • Storing data securely, which is outlined in the 12 security domains of the PCI standard, such as encryption, ongoing monitoring and security testing of access to card data
      • Validating that the required security controls are in place on an annual basis, which can include forms, questionnaires, external vulnerability scanning services and third-party audits (see the step-by-step guide below for a table with the four levels of requirements)
      • It should also inform you of your rights under data protection laws, and how you can access, correct, or delete your data.
    • The Provider as point of contact with the client and PSP and the have to comply with annual reviews of their processes and compliance with the requirements of ISO27001 and ISO27002. This provides confidence with the management of the Cardholder Data Environment.
  6. Changes to terms and conditions:
    • The Company as Provider and Merchant reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of the CPA at any time, and each client will be notified prior to the changes being implemented.
    • Customers are advised to review your terms and conditions periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes and how they may affect your account as well those changes made and price increases implemented. Terms and conditions can be viewed at

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